ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) Education Program

As ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) utilization continues to increase and as concerns over a super bug, worse even than H1N1, the need to train clinicians in the practice of ECMO therapy has never been greater.

H1N1 was a wake-up call for most of the country that a highly virulent respiratory virus can overwhelm very healthy patients and that without ECMO as an option, many lives will be lost needlessly. It must also be recognized that ECMO is not a panacea. Our inclusion/exclusion criteria must become better defined or a therapy that can save many lives will be restricted by bureaucrats and insurance executives slashing re-imbursement to control usage. Make no mistake, we are one epidemic away from being overwhelmed by patients needing ECMO thereapy.

One way to help control costs is to shift the daily oversight of the ECMO system to the ECMO Specialist. I believe that Perfusion oversight is the best method for a successful ECMO program. So, a blended program with a Perfusion/ECMO Specialist team approach will keep quality high and reduce monitoring costs by at least 30%.

Houston Extracorporeal Technologies (HET), Guardia ECMO Technologies (GET) and MediWeb.US are leading the industry in innovative ECMO products.

Our online ECMO education CEU programs are considered the best in the industry. Developed in HD and broadcast from a sophisticated studio, our ECMO education programs are approved for Category 1 CEU and taught by expert faculty.

Our ECMO Specialist training program is a 40-hour course, also approved for category 1 CEU and includes 20 hours of didactic and 20 hours of ECMO simulations.

Please visit our sites: MediWeb.US, PerfWeb.US,, NurseWeb.US and NurseCE.US to learn more about our online education programs ECMO and for advanced perfusion education and nursing education.

Concepts in ECMO – (Part 1) Cannulation Strategies, Economics, and Selection

Concepts in ECMO – (Part 2) CRRTPatient Selection, and Cannulation Strategies

Concepts in ECMO – (Part 3) Circuit Design,The tools to Deliver, and Staffing

Concepts in ECMO – (Part 4) Survival, Anti-Coagulation Management, and Plasma Molecular Adsorbtion Therapy