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About Perfusion Schools:

Perfusion as a profession began at the Texas Heart Institute School of Perfusion in 1976 and was founded by Perfusionist Charles Reed, CCP. The Cardiovascular Perfusion Program created by Charlie Reed, CCP endures today and trained more perfusionists than any other Perfusionist School.

Perfusion as a profession is highly rewarding and being a perfusionist makes you an integral part of a comprehensive cardiovascular program and you are a major factor in the care and outcome of patients needing heart surgery and other treatments where cardiopulmonary support is needed, like ECMO, Cancer therapies and other vascular thrombotic treatments.

Today there are 18 of Cardiovascular Perfusion programs around the country. If you have an interest in becoming a perfusionist, view our links to see what Perfusionist schools or Perfusionist Programs that may be suitable for you.

Remember, Perfusion is not a job, it is a career.


Perfusion Schools