Adult ECMO Specialist Training Course

ECMO Specialist Course


Adult ECMO Specialist Training Course – Overview

The Adult ECMO Specialist course is designed to teach the provider wishing to learn Adult V-A and V-V ECMO. The course has two options. Option one is the Full Course which includes two days of live, online didactic learning, and two days of in-person simulation. The didactic portion is fully interactive and limited to 12 learners. After successful completion of the full course, learners receive their full CEU/CME/CE credits and a certificate of successful completion of the Adult ECMO Specialist Course.

The didactic-only course is live and interactive via our private youtube channel. Learners are required to perform a roll call each day and ask four questions each day to verify participation. After completion of the course, validation of attendance, and completion of the course evaluation, learners receive their CEU/CME/CE credit.

The didactic-only course cannot be used for a future full program.


Adult ECMO Specialist Course

ECMO Course is designed to prepare the learner for the ELSO Adult ECMO Certification Exam. Following completion of the course, it is the learner’s responsibility to ensure they have sufficient bedside ECMO monitoring hours for eligibility to sit for the ELSO Adult ECMO Specialist exam. The “Full Program” is limited to 12 participants. Participants are required to be present and visible, via the participants’ webcam through Zoom. Learners are required to participate in post-lecture discussions.

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