Vanderbilt University Medical Center Perfusion Program
Author: David
Published: September 22, 2020
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Vanderbilt University Medical Center Perfusion Program



Through the dedication to the cardiovascular perfusion profession and patient care, the VUMC Perfusion Program will inspire it’s students to become leaders in independent thinking in the promotion of medical evolvement. Our students will recognize the commitment to life-long learning and the benefit of interdisciplinary collaboration to provide world class patient care to each and every patient not only today but in the future.


We are people of integrity.  We build trust by delivering on promises with the ones we work with and serve.

We treat each other with respect and honor those with different experiences and backgrounds.

We provide the best service to our community through teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do.

Premier partner for perfusion technology education in the world.

We will attract and retain the top talent by providing education services that allow our students to become the most sought after candidates in the cardiovascular perfusion industry.

We will build on our foundation as a caring and learning organization.


B.S. or B.A. VUMC-CVPT is a rigorous program in which the students are exposed to a variety of clinical settings. Previous experience in the medical field is a plus.

Additional information about perfusion school program:

Students Admitted: 3
Program Length: 22 months
In state tuition: $32000
Out of state tuition: $32000
Degree: Post Graduate Certificate Award


  1. Brenda

    Hi, Wondering when your application deadline is for the next perfusion class?

  2. Cameron Mills

    Hello, I have a question regarding the prerequisite class for entry into the program. Is there a minimum grade required for the classes to be accepted as completed prerequisites or is it based on a pass-fail acceptance.

    Thank You
    Cameron Mills


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