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Our perfusion education live programs are approved for Category 1 CEU by ABCP.

Enduring perfusion education materials are approved for Category 1 SDCE by ABCP.

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Like all perfusion professionals today we are busy and frequently short-staffed. Does taking time off for perfusion conferences create a burden for your teammates? Has reimbursement for your perfusion continuing education dropped? Have you priced the cost of going to a meeting lately? Registration fees, airfare, transportation and parking, hotel and meals out. This totals up to having an out-of-pocket expense of over $2,500 and then you hope the content is good. Perfusion Education has heard your concerns. They have a simple and seamless system that works on any platform. Computer, tablet, or even your phone. You can chat during the program or even phone in and be live on the air. The content second-to-none. Perfusion Education is by perfusionist and for perfusionist.

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What is is a site where perfusion professionals can earn ABCP SCDE Category 1 CEU and where, with our partner site, PerfWeb.US earn ABCP Category 1 CEU watching live perfusion education webinars.

The ABCP regulates the number of CEU’s required. Please use our links in Perfusion Education .com to view.

To summarize, a live perfusion education webinar, viewed live, is treated the same by the ABCP as an ABCP approved perfusion education conference at a hotel or other venue. And there is no limit to the number of Category 1 CEU you can earn through this method.

SDCE Category 1 CEU is limited to 10 in a three-year perfusion education cycle.

Category 3 CEU is limited to 15 in any three-year perfusion education cycle.

The only difference between SDCE Category 1 and Category 3 is the requirement to take a post video test to verify the effectiveness of the perfusion education SDCE video program.

Is registration required for

Yes, registration to is required but it is totally free.

All of the perfusion education content is free. However, to earn CEU for any live perfusion education program or pre-recorded (SDCE) perfusion education, registration is required so that the perfusion education program can be paid for and your perfusion education certificate can be auto generated and put in your perfusion education certificates folder.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel any perfusion education program that you have paid for, we can either refund your money or give you a credit for a different perfusion education program at a later date.

You may not cancel after a certificate has been issued for any perfusion education program.

If you wish to be removed entirely from, MediWeb.US and PerfWeb.US you can send an email to us via our contact form on any site and request removal. This process may take up to 5 days.

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